Wednesday, February 21, 2007

That IBM Sex Addict

Surprisingly (or not, as you wish) there's not a lot of sympathy for the IBM sex addict.

A man fired by IBM for visiting an adult chat room during work hours has sued Big Blue for $5 million, claiming he's an Internet addict who deserves treatment and understanding rather than a pink slip.

But bloggers are expressing little sympathy for 58-year-old James Pacenza, who says he visits chat rooms to distract himself from the lingering stress of seeing his best friend killed during a 1969 Army patrol in Vietnam. Pacenza, according to the Associated Press, said the trauma caused him to become "a sex addict, and with the development of the Internet, an Internet addict." He is claiming protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If this man is claiming that seeing a friend killed turned him into a sex addict well, shouldn't he be seeing a psychiatrist? I mean, I know you can find most things out on the net but necrophilia? 

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